The Twins Effect – Jackie Chan Against Vampires

With elements of horror, martial arts, comedy and romance The Twins Effect certainly has a lot of genres to pull off effectively. The title comes from Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi (playing Gypsy and Helen) who, although I am unfamiliar with, are a successful pair in the HK pop scene.

The Twins Effect overall plot involves a league of Vampire hunters and a renegade European vamp in Asia to complete the necessary steps for (what else) walking freely in sunlight and vampire domination. Enter vampire hunter Reeve (played by Ekin Cheng) with Sister Helen and new partner Gypsy in town. Along the way we meet several characters, who seem out of place by not adding to resolution, but are welcome additions. The film culminates in all-out comedy, wire gags and a healthy dose of ass-kicking.

The Twins Effect 2003

Along with the primaries the rest of the ensemble cast is noteworthy and includes the likes of Anthony Wong Chau-Sang and Jackie Chan. All play their respective roles to good effect considering the melding of the multiple genres. The movie lacks any type of continuity to speak of and we are thrust forward in a straight line through various sub-plots. Strangely enough it works to great effect and is most entertaining.

The piece has a good color palette and the use of blue tinting to set mood is noteworthy. A diverse soundtrack with a wide range of instruments and styles sets and maintains pacing as well as driving the various plots. Excellent stunt and wirework coupled with CGI that is sometimes hokey looking but does blend well with the context when you watch Twins Effect. Good camera work that seems to fit each individual mood along with movement and slow motion effect make for an overall pleasing visual style. You can’t help but like this film! Highly recommended.

There are six Cast and Crew Interviews which were interesting to me and did not seem dry as I had expected. Although some were short they did not seem terribly scripted. Each person was eager to offer information and personal insight. Jackie Chan fans will definitely want to pick this up this interview.

Jackie Chan

The Twins Effect succeeds in all the genres it undertakes and is an entertaining piece of work. Time will be well spent here. Although I would really like to I can’t wholeheartedly recommend the purchase of this DVD due to the lack of a DTS track but you can watch Twins Effect online free instead. Because of time constraints I was unable to secure a copy of the set for direct comparison. If the DTS track holds water it will defiantly benefit this film as the score and sound effects are both excellent and aggressive. Add to that the fact that the full movie and supplement are on separate discs.

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