Jessica Rothe Celebrates Happy Death Day

How does it feel to experience a dozen times the worst day of your life – the one you face in front of death? This question unravels the young Hollywood actress Jessica Rothe. Will the charming blonde be freed by the deadly loop, you will know only if you visit the nearby cinema or if you watch free Happy Death Day online. This new film will conquer the fans of the mysterious stories, mixed with horror.

The favorite element of horror films are the various attractive ways in which the victims die (Rings is a full franchise that exploits exactly this topic). This will be the main theme in the newest genre offering of Universal Pictures and Blumhouse – Happy Death Day, but with one essential twist – instead of many young people, we will see one girl die again and again. That’s right, after the fantastic action Edge of Tomorrow, the comedy Premature and the romantic Before I Fall, it is now turn horror movie to use time loop, promoted in a great way from Groundhog Day.

The movie is a creation of director Christopher Landon (Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones) and co-written by comics writer Scott Lobdel, and tells the story of a college student forced to experience the day of his murder over and over again until she reveals the identity of her masked killer. The concept and the idea of the film are clear enough and there is no need for more details. For real, all you need to know about the movie is online and in the trailer below.

Without much special effects, the film relies mainly on its ability to surprise you with another terrifying way in which Tree dies. “I was really enjoying preparing myself for this role. At the beginning Gelbman is one of these characters who die in the first ten minutes in ordinary horror movies, and we are glad that they are no longer in the movie. But it is interesting to see the progress of her personality that we watch in the movie.” Rothe explained recently.

In USA, Happy Death Day is already playing on the big screen, and in its premiere weekend triumphs with the most visits to the cinemas. “It came to us as a surprise because we knew we were going out with Blade Runner: 2049 – a flick that fans were expecting from a lot of time. This is the first time I’ve faced this side of the cinema – keeping track of the perfect date for the premiere. I can’t describe my happiness from the final result.” says Jessica.

We think that everything is clear and there is no need for unnecessary comments. We love similar horrors, and from what we have seen it looks relatively entertaining, so you can watch Happy Death Day for free without expecting any revelations. The problem is, now we’re going to be humming this awful song all the time. Go Shorty, it’s your birthday…

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