The Twins Effect – Jackie Chan Against Vampires

The Twins Effect 2003

With elements of horror, martial arts, comedy and romance The Twins Effect certainly has a lot of genres to pull off effectively. The title comes from Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi (playing Gypsy and Helen) who, although I am unfamiliar with, are a successful pair in the HK pop scene. The Twins Effect overall plot involves a league of Vampire…
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Jessica Rothe Celebrates Happy Death Day

How does it feel to experience a dozen times the worst day of your life – the one you face in front of death? This question unravels the young Hollywood actress Jessica Rothe. Will the charming blonde be freed by the deadly loop, you will know only if you visit the nearby cinema or if you watch free Happy Death…
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Saves The World Again In End Of Days

Arnold Schwarzenegger in End Of Days 1999

20 years ago a girl was born and secretly marked by followers of Satan at her birth. Now, 20 later she is haunted by one man. The Devil himself has come back in End Of Days in the form of a successful Wall Street banker played by Gabriel Byrne and must mate with the chosen girl in the last hour…
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Friday The 13th: The Beginning Of A Horror Series

Friday The 13th - the mask

With the recent success of Freddy vs Jason, there’s been a resurgence of interest in the Friday the 13th movies. This release from Warner Bros. of the first in the series was no doubt timed to capitalise on that and serves to complete the set. If you’re looking for a plot, you’ll have to search hard, as all it boils…
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