A Simple Favor Is A Story About Unusual Friendship

Who says that noir films aren’t entertaining? You should take a break and watch A Simple Favor, and you will discover many things. This new thriller available at Lawless Films has few elements that will keep you thrilled. Based on Darcey Bell’s novel, the film is a combination of suspense, thriller, comedy and murder. You can expect a new level…
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“Secret Window” To A World Full Of Troubles

Secret Window movie

Having found his wife of ten years sleeping with another man one night at a local motel, novelist Morton Rainey (Johnny Depp) shuts himself away at his remote cabin with the intention of finishing his latest book and putting his impending divorce out of his mind. We recommend you to first read our movie review and then watch Secret Window…
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Don’t Expect Too Much From “Firewall”

firewall 2006 movie

Panic Room provided an example of how to keep a film fresh and intense, without the audience rolling their eyes and whispering comments like “wouldn’t the police have picked him up by now”. But director Richard Loncraine seriously underestimates the importance of maintaining a basic level of plausibility in Firewall. A Happy Family Gets In Trouble The full movie begins…
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Saves The World Again In End Of Days

Arnold Schwarzenegger in End Of Days 1999

20 years ago a girl was born and secretly marked by followers of Satan at her birth. Now, 20 later she is haunted by one man. The Devil himself has come back in End Of Days in the form of a successful Wall Street banker played by Gabriel Byrne and must mate with the chosen girl in the last hour…
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Happy-Go-Lucky Is Both Cheerful And Controversial Movie

Happy-Go-Lucky 2008 movie

15 minutes into writer/director Mike Leigh’s saga centering on ever cheerful primary school teacher Pauline a.k.a. ‘Poppy’ (Sally Hawkins), one wonders about her annoying, unfunny and hugely irrelevant conversations. By the end, Leigh and actress Hawkins will have everyone cheering for this wonderful unforgettable human being – a feat that credits Happy-Go-Lucky as the best film you can watch online…
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The Formula of Life and “Happy Endings”

Lisa Kudrow Steve Coogan and Don Roos

The theory of six degrees of separation states that anyone can be connected to any person through a series of acquaintances with no more than five intermediaries. Whether or not this is true, a random set of people are bound to either know each other or will cross paths with one another eventually, and even create interesting stories of human…
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