The Twins Effect – Jackie Chan Against Vampires

The Twins Effect 2003

With elements of horror, martial arts, comedy and romance The Twins Effect certainly has a lot of genres to pull off effectively. The title comes from Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi (playing Gypsy and Helen) who, although I am unfamiliar with, are a successful pair in the HK pop scene. The Twins Effect overall plot involves a league of Vampire…
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That’s My Boy Review – It’s a Love or Hate Relationship

That’s My Boy movie

Getting straight down to business, That’s My Boy is a hit or miss. You will either absolutely love it or hate it with every bone in your body. Before watching this movie in theaters it’s advised that you go in with low expectations. That’s My Boy will win no awards, except for maybe several Razzies, and receive a plethora of…
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Jessica Rothe Celebrates Happy Death Day

How does it feel to experience a dozen times the worst day of your life – the one you face in front of death? This question unravels the young Hollywood actress Jessica Rothe. Will the charming blonde be freed by the deadly loop, you will know only if you visit the nearby cinema or if you watch free Happy Death…
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Happy-Go-Lucky Is Both Cheerful And Controversial Movie

Happy-Go-Lucky 2008 movie

15 minutes into writer/director Mike Leigh’s saga centering on ever cheerful primary school teacher Pauline a.k.a. ‘Poppy’ (Sally Hawkins), one wonders about her annoying, unfunny and hugely irrelevant conversations. By the end, Leigh and actress Hawkins will have everyone cheering for this wonderful unforgettable human being – a feat that credits Happy-Go-Lucky as the best film you can watch online…
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Scary Movie 4 Is More Funny And Less Scary

Scary Movie 4

The Scary Movie franchise is one that can and most likely will go on for a very, very long time. As long as they keep making money and as long as there are movies and world events that can be spoofed, more sequels will surely follow. The latest entry in the series Scary Movie 4, which can be watched online,…
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