Arnold Schwarzenegger Saves The World Again In End Of Days

20 years ago a girl was born and secretly marked by followers of Satan at her birth. Now, 20 later she is haunted by one man.
The Devil himself has come back in End Of Days in the form of a successful Wall Street banker played by Gabriel Byrne and must mate with the chosen girl in the last hour before the new millennium. If he succeeds he’ll be released from hell, but if he fails, he’ll have to wait another 1000 years until he gets the chance again. Now, as you may have guessed its up to Arnie, who plays ex-New York cop, turned security guard, to do what he does best and defeat the anti-christ and save the world.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in End Of Days 1999

What we have here is a ‘supernatural-action-thriller’ that’s actually pretty good. Ok, Arnie has to actually act in it, but he’s also back to shooting bad guys and blowing shit up, which he IS good at. Watch End Of Days – the movie delivers plenty of action, a few chills and sees Shwarzenegger returning with a bang in a film that offers more than the usual, run-of-the-mill action. Byrne’s performance as Satin stands out, and the special effects are excellent. Well worth a watch.

The picture is superb, crisp, and sharp with colors standing out very well. Much of the full movie is at night and the darkness is never too dark with the blacks looking perfect. Watcht the final scene inside the church with the bright orange and red flames.

The soundtrack is great, all 5 speakers are used continuously with the rears getting much more to do than usual. Being such an aggressive soundtrack, it is used to great effect, some of the explosions are amazing, my floor literally moved. The explosion at the end should have a health warning.

The usual spotlight on location is included which has interviews with everyone of significance, there’s an interesting commentary with director Peter Hyams, a special fx feature, presentation, “Book of revelations”, the theatrical trailer and finally, a trailer for U-571.

End Of Days is an enjoyable movie that looks and sounds stunning, by no means a classic, but definitely a film that you’ll watch online more than once for free.

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