A Simple Favor Is A Story About Unusual Friendship

Who says that noir films aren’t entertaining? You should take a break and watch A Simple Favor, and you will discover many things. This new thriller available at Lawless Films has few elements that will keep you thrilled. Based on Darcey Bell’s novel, the film is a combination of suspense, thriller, comedy and murder.

You can expect a new level of twists that keeps you watching until the end. The unveiling of secrets provides a double suspense, each scene is a must watch as it gives you a clue about what happened to Emily (Blake Lively). As a caring friend, Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) does the best she could to find Emily.

Both Stephanie and Emily became friends when they met in town – the place they both lived. That friendship would be put to test when Emily disappears. Stephanie is willing to face the odds to see her friend again. From here you can see the power that women have in their lives. Women can be creative and witty at the same time.

Storyline Analysis

A Simple Favor packs up your interest due to creative storyline it has. The movie offers a powerful plot that might be overwhelming at times but the sprinkle of comedy lets you balance the toughness of the script. The dialogue is snappy and provides the viewers with a good treat, thanks to Paul Feig who is an excellent director with style.

People who watch A Simple Favor online free can expect to enjoy a suspenseful thriller. It doesn’t rely on the cast alone but also to the superb direction. There are wit and humor that doesn’t make the story dull or boring. Feig pulls the right formula that he used in his past movies, but this time there’s a different take on this movie. You can learn lessons on friendship that one wouldn’t anticipate to find in this film.

What Should Parents Know?

A Simple Favor is the type of noir you would like. Why? The storyline has unexpected twists that capture your attention. But, you have to take note of the nudity and violence that’s found in the film (more information about this at Common Sense Media). There are shootings and car accidents that might not be suitable for kids.

The strong dialogues might be surprising for kids. So, parents need to take caution if they want their kids to see the full movie. But you can expect a great deal of excitement and there’s a good chance you would enjoy watching this film with your family.


Those who watch A Simple Favor online are in for a great treat that they wouldn’t forget. The story is exciting and the actor’s performance is a must see. The story is both exciting and fun so expects a great experience you will remember.

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