Unhappy Birthday Photo by Tom Sheehan
“Raucous, bubble gum aesthetic…a hit”
The Guardian
“Popping the bubble of pretentiousness around performance art"
"Stylish, distinctive DIY ethos…blurring the lines between party and play"
Time Out: Critics Choice
“Over-excitement, over-indulging…I strongly encourage you to RSVP.”

Amy Lamé invites you to her birthday party. Morrissey’s invited too; will he arrive clutching a bunch of flowers? Will he turn up at all? Cake and quiffs, balloons and beer, party poppers and pass the parcel collide against a soundtrack of teenage obsession in this immersive, interactive show/party.

Unhappy Birthday cracks open celebrity; flays fat, fandom and faith, and probes the pains of growing up. It will appeal to anyone who has ever been a pop music fan, experienced teenage angst, or been crushed by unrequited love.

Co-founder and hostess of the infamous Olivier award winning London club/collective Duckie, Amy creates a culture clash of party, performance and poncing about. Unhappy Birthday is ‘Waiting for Godot’ for the pop generation.

By/Starring: Amy Lamé
Directed by: Scottee