Don’t Expect Too Much From “Firewall”

firewall 2006 movie
Panic Room provided an example of how to keep a film fresh and intense, without the audience rolling their eyes and whispering comments like “wouldn’t the police have picked him up by now”. But director Richard Loncraine seriously underestimates the importance of maintaining a basic level of plausibility in Firewall. A Happy Family Gets In Trouble The full movie begins as Jack Stanfield goes through… READ MORE

Jessica Rothe Celebrates Happy Death Day

How does it feel to experience a dozen times the worst day of your life – the one you face in front of death? This question unravels the young Hollywood actress Jessica Rothe. Will the charming blonde be freed by the deadly loop, you will know only if you visit the nearby cinema or if you watch free Happy Death Day online. This new film… READ MORE

Happy-Go-Lucky Is Both Cheerful And Controversial Movie

Happy-Go-Lucky 2008 movie
15 minutes into writer/director Mike Leigh’s saga centering on ever cheerful primary school teacher Pauline a.k.a. ‘Poppy’ (Sally Hawkins), one wonders about her annoying, unfunny and hugely irrelevant conversations. By the end, Leigh and actress Hawkins will have everyone cheering for this wonderful unforgettable human being – a feat that credits Happy-Go-Lucky as the best film you can watch online this year. Happy-Go-Lucky flows as… READ MORE

Friday The 13th: The Beginning Of A Horror Series

Friday The 13th - the mask
With the recent success of Freddy vs Jason, there’s been a resurgence of interest in the Friday the 13th movies. This release from Warner Bros. of the first in the series was no doubt timed to capitalise on that and serves to complete the set. If you’re looking for a plot, you’ll have to search hard, as all it boils down to is this: Jason… READ MORE

Scary Movie 4 Is More Funny And Less Scary

Scary Movie 4
The Scary Movie franchise is one that can and most likely will go on for a very, very long time. As long as they keep making money and as long as there are movies and world events that can be spoofed, more sequels will surely follow. The latest entry in the series Scary Movie 4, which can be watched online, is overall a pretty funny… READ MORE

The Formula of Life and “Happy Endings”

Lisa Kudrow Steve Coogan and Don Roos
The theory of six degrees of separation states that anyone can be connected to any person through a series of acquaintances with no more than five intermediaries. Whether or not this is true, a random set of people are bound to either know each other or will cross paths with one another eventually, and even create interesting stories of human interaction. This is the basis… READ MORE